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People think recruiters don’t justify their fees

The perception is that recruiters just send CVs. They don’t see the hard yards of sourcing, contacting, convincing and managing in-demand busy people. Even worse, the typical hiring success rates are poor - just 54% of leadership hires last 2 years. With Hire Insight you don’t ‘just send CVs'. You actually do the hard lifting for clients: each candidate you submit has prepared a detailed profile of themselves. This consists of an introductory video, McQuaig Behavioural Traits Assessment, key facts information, competency questionnaire, relevant experience scorecards and more.

How it's better:

Interviewers already know much more about the candidates and can focus interviews more deeply, ultimately leading to significantly improved hiring success (currently 96.8% of hires made using our methodology last 2+ years).

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Clients are not always aligned about who they want

Too often when the final candidate choice goes for the sign-off ‘coffee’ with the Chairman they get rejected because what they believe the type of person the business needs is not the same as what the Hiring Manager, HRD and other stakeholders believe. Immense amounts of time, money and effort have been wasted getting to this point. Often recruiters are asked to start the process again but not compensated for it. With Hire Insight at the start of each project the Hiring Manager and stakeholders get sent two surveys: a behavioural traits needs survey and a contextual experience needs survey. Each stakeholder completes these separately providing a thorough overview of who they think the company requires.

How it's better:

The survey results highlight if there are differences of opinion amongst the stakeholders which can then be explored with the client. A summary of these needs are included in the client campaign area to remind each interviewer what the agreed needs are prior to interview. These also guide the recruiters much more clearly on which candidates to submit.

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Winning new retained search business is hard

Often clients want to de-risk their recruitment success by offering recruitment on a success-only basis (contingency), sometimes to multiple agencies. This creates significant risk for recruitment businesses and encourages the submission of marginal candidates in the hope of success. The impact is that time and effort is spent on work that doesn’t generate revenue and the client's appetite to award retained projects is likely to be diminished because of the poor fit of candidates. Hire Insight includes a great demo facility that allows recruiters to show potential clients what they will see and what the candidates will see. The results delivered by Hire Insight help clients to understand that this approach is actually cheaper for them in the long run, even if your fees are higher.

How it's better:

Clients see that by using Hire Insight their employer brand is enhanced beyond what they can deliver in-house. They also get access to tools that are not available to them (Contextual Strengths Assessments) and others that they would need to buy and get trained on (McQuaig Behavioural Traits Assessments).

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