All-in-one platform for executive search success.

Business development, candidate management, client CRM and world-class candidate presentation and assessment. All in one place.


How can Hire Insight help your recruitment business?

Win new business more easily

Win new business more easily

More than a combined CRM and ATS, Hire Insight is also a unique methodology that sets your recruitment business apart from others.

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Make an impact with clients and candidates

Make an impact with clients and candidates

Set your consultancy apart with our superb client management tools. Present candidates in a way none of your competitors can, so you stand out, and your clients can make much better hiring decisions.

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Improve hiring success

Improve hiring success

Employers ultimately want great candidates who stay with them. The traditional CV and interview approach fails to deliver this. Our ‘remote assessment centre’ methodology powers your ability to deliver this for your clients. Which means you stand apart from your competition.

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Why use Hire Insight?

Hire Insight enables you to achieve the following with your recruitment business:


Stronger relationships

You will be able to present opportunities to candidates, and candidates to clients, in a way that makes you stand out as different, highly professional and knowledgeable. This helps to grow the trust and respect.


Increased fees

The Hire Insight methodology positions you as trusted consultant offering a unique methodology. Like any situation with limited supply this allows you to command higher fees and better payment terms.


More repeat business

Because of the superior results your business now delivers you help your clients look good to their peers and colleagues. This helps to drive additional business from them and new business from the stakeholders and candidates also involved in your campaigns.

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